Coraline Auction

Next week Heritage Auctions will auction artwork from Laika Studios, marking the first time that the Portland-based animation studio has ever made its production artwork available to the public.  A few of my pieces will be in the mix.  There are some especially lovely Dan Krall pieces!! 

Cconcept/story sketch of Coraline being terrorized by the Evil Other Mother in the film's climactic ending. Coraline and the cat stare up at the Evil Other Mother in three different artistic takes. Artist unidentified.
A spider-ey version of Other Mother

Other Bobinsky concept art. Artist unidentified.
S + M Mr. Bobinski

Concept Artwork of Mr. Bobinsky, a former Russian Gymnast neighbor who is Coraline's new neighbor. Pen and ink with Conte crayon. Artist unidentified.
Mr. Bobinski Sketches

Concept/story sketch of Coraline meeting her Other Father, as he charms her at his piano. Drawing done in graphite. Artist: Stef Choi.
Coraline and her Dad at the piano


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