Coraline Auction

Next week Heritage Auctions will auction artwork from Laika Studios, marking the first time that the Portland-based animation studio has ever made its production artwork available to the public.  A few of my pieces will be in the mix.  There are some especially lovely Dan Krall pieces!! 

Cconcept/story sketch of Coraline being terrorized by the Evil Other Mother in the film's climactic ending. Coraline and the cat stare up at the Evil Other Mother in three different artistic takes. Artist unidentified.
A spider-ey version of Other Mother

Other Bobinsky concept art. Artist unidentified.
S + M Mr. Bobinski

Concept Artwork of Mr. Bobinsky, a former Russian Gymnast neighbor who is Coraline's new neighbor. Pen and ink with Conte crayon. Artist unidentified.
Mr. Bobinski Sketches

Concept/story sketch of Coraline meeting her Other Father, as he charms her at his piano. Drawing done in graphite. Artist: Stef Choi.
Coraline and her Dad at the piano

The Opera

My friend Lola stumbled on a rough image of The Opera, and asked to see the final image.  I realized that I never posted it!    Here is the final piece- in all its roughness.  This piece was inspired by Fellini and was imagined to be a large mural.

Pen & Ink

Artist Talk + Screening

Please join us for our artist talk/screening for Forest Fire where we will present art pieces and puppets from the shoot and talk about the origins of the story!  Stay afterwards for a screening of Academy award winning documentary "Searching for Sugar Man". 


Forest Fire Music Video

Scrimshander: Forest Fire from bellyandbones on Vimeo.

I am very excited to share with the world our music video "Forest Fire" for Scrimshander!  Thank you Andy Furgeson, Peter Valois, Phoebe Owens and our director Tony Candelaria for their love, trust and support through this journey.  Huge thanks to the amazing artists who helped bring this world to life.  Enjoy the show and share away!

Directed by Tony Candelaria
Art Directed by Stef Choi
Produced by Phoebe Owens
Music by Scrimshander

Forest Fire Premiere

This Saturday, "Forest Fire" a music video I art directed premieres in Portland!  I will post the video on Monday for a wide release!

Cochino Stretch Quilt

Color Idea for a Cochino Stretch quilt

Mush Chap Book

Introducing the Mush Chap Book for Oregon Mushroom Stories. Premiering at the Mush Fair in December 2012, it showcases five of our favorite Oregon Mushrooms, the life cycle of a mushroom, and how to make a spore print. It is a fun beginner book to mushrooms!

Illustrations by Stef Choi
Written by Lola Milholland
Production by Container Corps
300 printed

Please email me if you'd like to purchase one!

Cochino visits Enlightenment




These three pieces introduce Cochino, a new character of Belly & Bones.  Cochino is a monkey-like character who above all else, strives to make himself happy, sometimes at the expense of others.  He runs around town with a band of dirty chain-smoking squirrels.  If you have wondered why beer is suddenly missing from your fridge, Cochino and the Squirrels are likely the ones that stole it.  But you can be sure that they had a crazy night. 

These pieces are for sale at Qpop!  

Mush Babe!

Introducing Mush Babe!  I designed this character after my dear friend Lola Milholland (Director of our Oregon Mushroom Stories project) for her birthday last month.  I tried to capture many of the things I adore about Lola: her love of pickles, old Japanese cartoons, playing soccer in a skirt, and her lifelong love of Oregon Mushrooms.  Gary of Container Corps (and another sweet buddy of ours) printed Mush Babe into beautiful stationary.  We are interested in offering Mush Babe products to sell...  What do you all think?  Would you be interested in stationary, postcards, or figurines of this character?  xoxo

Jack & Ben

A few years ago, I did some visual development work for a film called Jack & Ben at LAIKA.  The film was never completed, but I really enjoyed working on the project in it's early days.  It was the first project where I played with digital painting/stamping.  I love that I had the freedom to explore some new techniques and my appreciation for charming old childrens books.  I hope you enjoy them! xxx

Oregon Mushroom Stories

Hi Sweetpeas!

In December, we were awarded an RACC grant with Ecotrust to create an art installation on the Oregon Mushrooms.  Lola (our dear friend at Ecotrust), Tony and I just launched our blog, Oregon Mushroom Stories where we'll be posting our process, so please stay tuned! 


P.S. I designed the banner and logo!


Drawing to ambient bath music

Happy LOVE Day!

Lately I have been laying large boards and paper on a tarp and experimenting with paints.  It's so fun to get messy!  Here's one that I felt fit to share with you on this wonderful day dedicated to love!  xxxxxxxx

Los Vampiros

As a fun experiment and in light of Tony's love for horror, I did some playful sketches of Vampires.  I hope you get a kick out of Los Vampiros!  Har Har

Sad little mole!

I stumbled on an old Coraline design of this sad little mole.  Sweet little guy!


Hope everyone had a magical Halloween!

Love, Gomez and Cousin It (aka. Tony and Stef)

City Man

I discovered this older art piece while rifling through my work this week. A few years ago I put on a 24 hour art show with the theme "Consumption" and this was my submission. I remember being really stressed out during the first 8 hours. Even though I set the theme, I was completely stumped on what to create. Around 3am I sewed a stuffed thing together, photographed it, threw it in Photoshop and turned it into this illustration... which now that I look at it, I really like the final effect.

It's Summertime! Let' Foot Wrestle!

Ruby Lu- Early designs

Here are some early Ruby Lu designs! xoxo
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