Here is a new mini show I just put up called "Gourds". It tells a small tale about a girl who travels in her gourd vessel and arrives in a new land of odd and mysterious men. They adore her and make her into their land's Goddess... and then she eats them.

It will be up until the second week of January!

Chapter Four
4705 N Albina Ave
Portland, OR 97217


Lettie Lo said...

wow so cute and great colours!

LuisNCT said...

So cute, and perfect technique

LEon said...

good artwork with an interesting story.

Alex said...

hey, you got awesome skills! The artwork is cute, mystical, and simply GREAT! keep up the good work! will swing by again~

bsleven said...

Stef these are beautiful!

It's really wonderful that you had an art show! I used to love walking to a bunch of different galleries on First Thursday!


nic said...

wow I am loving this series. Make a book...please? :)

rose-a-petits-pois said...

Your work is GREAT !
So sweet and so charming.

chris chUa! said...

these are great! love watercolors.

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