after hours (continued)

here are some pictures from the after hours art show. the top two are from my "above and beyond" installation that was in the front window of the show. there is a projection that goes above this that i will post pictures of soon. :) the third picture down is from the window decal i designed that went on the front doors. the fourth picture is of "crater lake". the last picture is of my "crater lake" and "cloud ride" wooden pieces from my "head in the cloud show". i put these two up for the laika art show.


Marco A. Ibarra said...

Amazing!, I just discovered your blog, and I find your art very beautiful and inspiring. I loved that rainbow brite poster you made, and the barcelona ones. Actually I liked everything in here. Keep it up, you´re very talented.

BEN said...

I'm crying,
it's beautiful!

kevin martel said...

You are a feakin' genius! You make me so mad cuz you're too good!

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