Greetings from Germany

Hello! So much has happened since my last post! Tony and I are travelling through Germany at the moment. We were in Berlin for a few weeks to attend the Pictoplasma Festival. Words can not express how inspiring it was... wonderful to meet new friends, experience the speeches, and view the lovely artwork. It warmed my heart to meet more people who are doing what we are doing, connecting with themselves and others through their art.

I wrote a second ago that there are many new happenings! First off, Tony and I just launched (on the first day of Pictoplasma in fact) our new website:

Please check it out when you have time! If you don't know what BELLY & BONES is, it's a company that Tony Candelaria and I started with our business manager Eden Sosa. Through it, we will create artwork of all sizes and mediums that inspire us! If you're interested in following our adventures and seeing pictures from Pictoplasma 2011, we are posting pictures on our facebook page and our new blog:

I hope you are having a beautiful spring wherever you are!

love to you!


Desiree said...

Cool! Congratz on your new site!!! :)

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