Brigid The Bright One

Today is the Pagan Holiday Imbolc, a day of new beginnings! The Goddess Brigid is revered today, the first day of Spring. *Brigid is a fire goddess who is blessed by heavenly flames. She lights the fires in the hearths of poor people, just as her followers keep continuous lamps alight at her shrine. Brigid's fire warms us and lights our way, and she kindles the light inside us to sustain us through difficult times.

I am ready to embrace new beginnings! Here is a ritual from the book "Goddesses" by Sue Jennings.

A Brigid Ritual for Hope and Inspiration
Choose some time for yourself in a quiet, perfumed space.
Select a new white candle and holder and sit comfortably as you meditate on the flame. Slowly close your eyes and allow the flame to connect with your inner flame, your fiery strength, your inspiration from Brigid. Slowly open your eyes, breathe softly the perfumed air and feel blessed for the coming year.

I wish for everyone new beginnings and a peaceful heart. Especially to my dear friend Carmen Candelaria, who is having surgery today! xoxo


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