Sweet Streets Show at Gallery Nucelus

Manami-Ocean Goddess
Wood, acrylic, goldleaf

Tsukiko-Moon Goddess
Wood, acrylic, silver

Caro invited me to participate in an art show she curated at Gallery Nucleus called Sweet Streets. The show is inspired by Japanese street fashion. Here are the two pieces I made for the show. I worked with some amazing artists that helped push my art to a new level. I will be posting a "making of" section next where I will talk about the process and those fantastic people: Tony, Joe, Heidi A., Heidi S., Kingman, Eden and Aaron. Thank you to Caro and Gallery Nucleus for inviting me and my art into this amazing show. :) Come on by to the opening tonight (Saturday, 8/29, 7-11pm)!

More to come...


Lise said...

Nice paintings ! I'm sure this exhibition will be great...

Griselda Sastrawinata said...


you have a lot of great stuff here. I saw your paintings at the gallery over the weekend.

Caro said...

thanks stef!... your work is impressive! xoxo caro

letsugo said...

These 2 pieces are AMAZING! Got a chance to see them at the opening this weekend. They're included in this little video I did of Sweet Streets:

Please enjoy!

Cafe Pasadena said...

Good stuff. Ahem, I mean good sweets!

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