Forest Fire Music Video

Scrimshander: Forest Fire from bellyandbones on Vimeo.

I am very excited to share with the world our music video "Forest Fire" for Scrimshander!  Thank you Andy Furgeson, Peter Valois, Phoebe Owens and our director Tony Candelaria for their love, trust and support through this journey.  Huge thanks to the amazing artists who helped bring this world to life.  Enjoy the show and share away!

Directed by Tony Candelaria
Art Directed by Stef Choi
Produced by Phoebe Owens
Music by Scrimshander

Forest Fire Premiere

This Saturday, "Forest Fire" a music video I art directed premieres in Portland!  I will post the video on Monday for a wide release!

Cochino Stretch Quilt

Color Idea for a Cochino Stretch quilt

Mush Chap Book

Introducing the Mush Chap Book for Oregon Mushroom Stories. Premiering at the Mush Fair in December 2012, it showcases five of our favorite Oregon Mushrooms, the life cycle of a mushroom, and how to make a spore print. It is a fun beginner book to mushrooms!

Illustrations by Stef Choi
Written by Lola Milholland
Production by Container Corps
300 printed

Please email me if you'd like to purchase one!

Cochino visits Enlightenment

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