Mush Babe!

Introducing Mush Babe!  I designed this character after my dear friend Lola Milholland (Director of our Oregon Mushroom Stories project) for her birthday last month.  I tried to capture many of the things I adore about Lola: her love of pickles, old Japanese cartoons, playing soccer in a skirt, and her lifelong love of Oregon Mushrooms.  Gary of Container Corps (and another sweet buddy of ours) printed Mush Babe into beautiful stationary.  We are interested in offering Mush Babe products to sell...  What do you all think?  Would you be interested in stationary, postcards, or figurines of this character?  xoxo

Jack & Ben

A few years ago, I did some visual development work for a film called Jack & Ben at LAIKA.  The film was never completed, but I really enjoyed working on the project in it's early days.  It was the first project where I played with digital painting/stamping.  I love that I had the freedom to explore some new techniques and my appreciation for charming old childrens books.  I hope you enjoy them! xxx
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